Tag The Sky
Feature Documentary
Larry Stephens (aka Sinister) is one of Detroit's
most prolific street artists . . . certainly an underground celebrity and an ever-increasing mainstream attraction.  Many have described Sinister's work as genius.  Uncensored genius due to the fact his images invoke controvery among
the patrons of classic art . . . as it is often defined.

This documentary "Tag The Sky "Sinister Uncensored Genius" reveals the man entirely.  It offers up his "method of maddness" and what really inspires the artist in front of the canvas.  Brash, foul-mouthed and opinionated are characteristics that define Sinister's ego . . . and his art.  Critics claim his style is simply rage harnessed by stencils and paint.  His fans describe Sinister as the "artist of a new generation". . . a generation that includes Hollywood and trendy art galleries all over the world.

Love him. Hate him.  This documentary will allow you to make up your own mind.  The art world will
never be the same to you once you experience it with Sinister.

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Just Released  / 2014
CAUTION: Trailer contains offensive content
Sinister & Ken . . . Detroit