Promotional Sports Videos
Our Sports Video Promos are an ORIGINAL
creation . . . designed to showcase your
athletic talents and skills in a manner as 
seen on HBO Sports and Showtime Sports.  

This is truly a fun and entertaining video that will surely impress coaches and friends and is a fantastic way of advertising your club.
This is a once ina lifetime exclusive opportunity.

The video is shot by a professonal TV crew that has worked with network television to
help promote combat sports around the country.

Each video is custom designed and edited.

We offer 2 versions:
     2 minute video  $99.00
     4 minute video  $120.00

All videos are shot on site, Fully edited with music and effects.

Call or e-mail us of more information  or call 248 245 0171
Kids can battle action villans

Each DVD is custom designed for you
We bring our studio right to you
Demonstrate your best skills
Every DVD contains original animation
Examples . .. Produced for FOUR SEASONS KARATE, Goodrich, Michigan
This is a GREAT way to help advertise your club !
We are the ONLY company that does this . . .
FREE promotional video for your organization with booking.
Free photo with each DVD

Here Is How Your FREE Promotional Video Will Look.