CDI The dirty little secret killing our elderly
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CDI (Clostridium Difficile Infection) is a highly resilient bacteria that attacks the gut of of many elderly with compromised immune systems.  It is most often contracted inside healthcare facilities nation-wide.   Currently, cases of  CDI (also known as C.Diff ) are at an epidemic level and hospitals are unable to maintain control of the spores that infect over three-million patients annually, killing nearly 30,000.
This documentary will investigate the truths behind CDI's deadly infection. You'll hear from the victims and their family members about the "secret" many hospitals will not disclose. . . until it's too late.  You'll hear from the top experts in the field who will shock and disgust you when they reveal from where the infection comes and how it is contracted.  We'll investigate the nursing homes, home healthcare agencies and hospitals accused of harboring the killer bacteria and refusing to admit it.   Then there is the cost of prevention and aftercare . . . which no hospital dares to absorb, instead sticking you with the bill and refusing to admit any culpability..
Tell us you're story. Any assistance or information you might have in the production of this critical story is greatly appreciated.
Dr. Vincent Young/U of M Research Scientist
Christina Haylett's aunt died of CDI in 2010
CDI also killed my mother in 2008
Release date : 2015