Legends on the Wall

Legends On The Wall is an exclusively produced 
PVN-TV video series honoring our brave men and women in law enforcement who have died in the line of duty. Their names are eternally etched onto the walls of police memorials all across America.  And from these names our stories are drawn. Each 30 min. video is dedicated to a single incident and compassionately details the officers lives and events leading to their tragic deaths.  The stories are emotional and have served as a platform of honor and tribute to those who must never be forgotten. Legends is a new series. PVN-TV is always looking for police agencies interested in profiling one of their own fallen officers to add to our inspiring collection. There is no fee to participate and PVN-TV handles all aspects of the video production. 

    This inspiring 90 min. DVD features the emotional stories of four brave officers killed in the line of duty.  It begins with the tragic and
unbelievable murder of Officer Gerald Carpenter (Pontiac, Michigan)
who was killed during a prisoner escape at a local hospital.  The senseless killing of Detroit Police Officer Patrick Prohm is also detailed and vividly shows the dangers of engaging in a felony stop.
Finally, the Officer Dan Pope and Spc. Ron Jeter story (Cincinnati
Police)  covers a deadly mistakes inherant when serving arrest warrrants.
COST:  $24.95

Proceeds  Benefit M I COPS, OHIO COPS and LIVING LEGENDS Organizations