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Ken LaPlace and PVN-TV win second Emmy.  Michigan Emmy winner for story about police confidential informants.

Ken earned his first award in 2001 for
NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY.  The award was
based upon a story about an abused 11-year-old boy he found wandering the streets of Detroit. He has since earn additional awards through 2014.

Also in 2010 Ken received an MAB Award
(Michigan Association of Broadcasters) while
working for a local television station.xt.

In addition, PVN-TV has received several awards for producing outstanding feature documentaries and national commercials.
Ken LaPlace earns three more  Emmy nominations in . . . plus WINS another TELLY AWARD for Ken and Martie feature documentary
PVN-TV wins 3 Emmy's and a Telly Award

17 Emmy nominations
Ken wins 2017  Emmy for the PBS documentary "Irene: Child of the Holocaust"